Assessing the value of a business

The art of valuation?

Every business deserves the right valuation. For every transaction, valuation is an important part of the process. Therefore, you should never rely on a rough estimate. Instead, use a sound valuation that takes into consideration all valuation factors. We focus on the essential valuedrivers and analyse these using industry knowledge, benchmarking techniques, the latest scientific knowledge in this area and of course relevant data. This is how we build a solid valuation case at LVH Corporate Finance.

Better decisions

We offer business valuations as preparation for a planned sales process, acquisition, litigation or for other cases in which a realistic valuation is appropriate. For example, a sound and well-considered starting point for strategy determination, (tax) restructuring or a restructuring. Valuations can also be necessary in cases of divorce or death.

We'd be happy to tell you more about your options and what a business valuation can bring you. Please contact us to arrange an introductory meeting and to discuss your valuation needs.