Selling your business

As experienced M&A advisors we work discretely to determine priorities and can recommend the appropriate sale process to meet all of your financial and personal objectives. Profound dedication helps you to refine the buyer’s arena and engage prospective buyers based on a constant dialogue with relevant strategic investors and the private equity community.

Good preparation is half the work

LVH Corporate Finance can assess your entire business to ensure it's positioned as favourably as possible. We’ll look at your company's financial and legal structure and its tax position, eliminate potential risks and optimise your positioning. We’ll also look at market conditions and developments with a view to timing, and advise you on the most favourable selling strategy, in the knowledge that both business and personal aspects can play a role. A tailor-made approach is standard for us when determining the best-selling strategy for our clients.

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Selling a family business

Share transfers to family members or current management deserve special attention. We have a vast track record in this area, offering personal attention and displaying a sensitivity when providing advice in such delicate situations. Whatever your circumstances, we can support you through the emotional process of selling or transferring a business.

International opportunities

We prepare a valuation in advance to make your decision-making process easier. During the process we draft the required transaction documentation (confidentiality statements, anonymous profiles, information memorandums, process letters, etc.) and we organise the communication with potential buyers. All transaction documentation must support the chosen selling strategy seamlessly, which is why we’ll never leave your side during any negotiation, right up to and including signing the agreement.

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